Every child is an artist


Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up. – Pablo Picasso

Kids are the best. I’m in awe of their imagination, their unbridled curiosity and uncensored expression. They just try things out and have fun.


When I took these photos, aged nine or ten, I had no idea what composition was, no concept of whether the shots were good or bad. Social media didn’t exist. I didn’t care about getting things right, I was just playing around. I felt so powerful. My plastic yellow camera gave me super powers! Suddenly, I could freeze and capture time. I could record it all, moment after moment.

If you give a child a camera, they will take photos of everything. They don’t care about composition, framing, or photographing what is “interesting.” Rather, they follow their gut, and they have fun. They play with the camera, they don’t “take photos”.
– Eric Kim

On the windowsill, I spotted an interesting looking insect, click. My brother on his bike, click. A plant in the garden, click. Everything was fair game. Everything was exciting. My photographs were full of life, uncensored and impulsive. I didn’t care about light leaks, wonky framing or lack of focus.



When I feel stuck or just want to free myself up, I think back to the photos I took when I was a child. It helps me to remember why I was drawn to photography in the first place.

Next time you’re out taking photos, be casual, wander and try things out. Capture the things that interest you. Don’t waste time worrying about settings or equipment. Shoot everything fully automatic. Follow your gut.

Remember your inner child. Just point and click.

Go on, see where it takes you.

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