A way of keeping a diary

Cartoonist and teacher, Lynda Barry is full of great ideas for keeping meaningful daily diaries that help us to “hear, see, and remember the world” around us.

“The point of the daily diary exercise is not to record what you already know about what happened to you in the last 24 hours. Instead, it’s an invitation to the back of your mind to come forward and reveal to you the perishable images about the day you didn’t notice you noticed at all.”

Lynda Barry

Instead of an “obituary-like recounting of events,” she instructs us to record the little things going on around us because this helps us to see patterns and notice what we notice.

tumblr_nju8cpg4pq1r1gqaco5_540 - Edited

tumblr_nju8cpg4pq1r1gqaco4_1280 - Edited

tumblr_nju8cpg4pq1r1gqaco1_1280 - Edited

For more notebook-keeping wisdom, check out Lynda Barry’s Tumblr and YouTube channel.

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